My SCS progress


I have joined SCS in October, 2017. There are a lot of things I wanted to improve like:

-working on myself
-working on relationship with my boyfriend
-working on relationship with my mom,
-organize myself better
-get more self confidence,
And etc.

I made a lot of progress, I feel better, my life overall it’s better, I have a more clear vision of my future. But sometimes I find myself asking a lot from myself. I am aware profound changes require time and work, but sometimes have the expectation that all the things I wanted to accomplish to be already accomplished. I find myself feeling rushed to work on all the aspects I mentioned before. If I ask why, it’s probbaly because I think when all this are done, I’ll feel happier then ever. Sometimes I think the thought ‘I should love myself more then anybody else, I should not get upset when my bf does something I don’t like, I should already love my mom unconditionally, I should already drop my expectations on everybody and be a completely free person.

I wanna enjoy this journey and be more compassionate with myself but sometimes just saying to myself ‘I wanna be more compassionate with myself’ doesn’t necessary work.

Do u have any suggestions about how should I deal with this moments when I get this thoughts?

Thank u very much.