My story- thoughts that serve

OK so this is the 100th time I have tried to work on my story and I think this month I just got it

The idea is more to change my perspective of the story- I dont have to change the circumstance or make the circumstance ok-
its just to look on the bright side/the aspects that serve me

so, it is OK for me to see and acknowledge what happened and the painfulness of it for me, but at the same time then look at how it has served me or is serving me.

For example I recently have had the experience of a long term partner leaving the relationship. It is OK to say that I feel hurt and I miss him and at the same time I can say how lucky I am to be free of a relationship right now so that I can focus on takng myself to the next level…how lucky I am to be free from being around him, because he was quite dogmatic and I am glad I do not need to deal with the challenge of reorienting my beliefs while in the midst of his, etc. And also how lucky it was to get to learn to love and to learn to put anothers needs before me, that this has created more balance within me, and also that in general I have learned so much that it will be a natural flow to move to the next level of my best self

is this close?