My sweet dog

I recently rescued a dog. I was in a decent place emotionally when I rescued him…I’d been thinking about getting another dog since my other one passed away several months prior. Since getting this puppy, I am over the moon. I absolutely LOVE this dog. It’s amazing how much we can love something that is so new to us! I was happy before, but I feel so much happier now. I realize it’s my thoughts about the situation (I love dogs, he’s so cuddly, he’s so cute, I love him, etc.). I wasn’t looking to change my emotions through the adoption of a dog, but my feelings certainly did change with this circumstance. I know that we shouldn’t change our C to get a new F even though that is what happened in this situation. So if I understand the model correctly, C’s can change our F’s (through what we think about it), BUT we shouldn’t intentionally get a new C just to seek a new F? We should always do the thought work and get to a better feeling thought before trying to change the C. Is my thinking straight on this? I literally had the thought after getting this dog, “Man, any one who is sad should just get a dog…this is the best thing ever.” I realize that actually wouldn’t be the mature response since it’s just changing the C. It would first be to find ways of thinking that lead to better feeling thoughts and then from there someone can choose to adopt a dog? I’m using the dog as an example, but any situation could be used in place of the dog example. Thanks for the clarification!