NAKED and loving it!

Had to share this strange win =)

I watched the video on June and decided I wanted to start early. SO! I gave myself a little dare. I’ve never been one to be “naked” around others, as in, in the women’s locker room. It just isn’t me. I’m not even sure why, but my sister and I always joked that we never grew up in a “naked house.” As in, everyone was always fully clothed at all times, and therefore, we were never comfortable being in our birthday suit around others (at the gym, friends etc) =)

But today, after my yoga class, I decided I’d stop trying to hold my towel on while I got changed (it’s such a PITA – pain in the ass- anyway) and I just let it all hang out! At first I was kind of nervous…like “is anyone looking at me? Does anyone think I’m weird for not having my towel wrapped around me?! (Even though pretty much everyone else walks around naked). Then I just said, screw it!

It felt fricking FAB! Why was I so hesitant before?! I’m excited for June. I’m excited to dare myself more. And share my dares. What a FUN and crazy assignment. YAY!