ND Clinic Drama

I have a lot of drama about my profession and clinic. Part of it is that it makes little money, I can’t scale the 1 on 1, but I also have other priorities like doing my stuff online and my family.

With COVID, I took the action towards moving my business online more seriously and I plan to launch a course. Which is what I’ve been scared to do but wanted to do since the start but I thought I was supposed to do 1 on 1 work as a naturopath.
Plus all the legal stuff scares me that I will get into trouble with the regulations if I do anything online or marketing.
My clinic now is asking me to come back and I’m having a hard time giving them an answer. On one hand, I don’t want to go back at all. So maybe I should just quit. Or maybe I can say I only want to see patients virtually.

C: Clinic asking me for my schedule as it re-opens
T: I don’t want to go back there
F: Resistance
A: Procrastinate
R: Stress

C: I made 10K income last year
T: That’s pathetic. I can’t live off that.
F: Small, Anger, Stuck, Lost
A: Act out
R: Stress