Need Model help [B]

I accidentally typed my chat onto a wrong group chat window at work. We (Colleague A and I) were discussing why we think B is wrong (about a technical decision they made). I posted my response in a group chat accidentally which B was part of. I started freaking out, but immediately owned up to it, saying what my intention was behind me saying that and he seemed to take it casually , but I cant let go of the fact that I posted in the wrong chat window. Here are my models and I need some help in filling them. Also what are some intentional models I could run? I read another “Ask brooke” post that said we shouldn’t do models to feel better. If so, what are the actual reasons for doing model? I was always doing model for feeling better/changing thoughts that don’t serve me/breaking thought loops. Is that not right?

C: I typed in wrong group chat window.
T: Oh shit, B is going to be mad. He’s gonna hate me for talking about him behind his back.
F: Freaking out
A: Go over apologize, try to explain (although i am convinced this is incorrect. I did not say anything rude/inappropriate)
R: ??

C: Same as above
T: I am so careless.
F: Regret
A: Beat myself up. Indulge in thought loop – if only this didnt happen. argue with reality.
R: Get nothing done for rest of the day , waste time over nothing (thus proving to myself i was/is careless)

C: same as above
T: I explained my intention. I owned up to it.
F: brave (?? not sure)
A: have my back. be compassionate. Tell myself it was a genuine mistake and that if he misunderstands, it’s not my problem.
R: ??