Neighbor and white privilege

My neighbor just got out of the hospital which is considered the best in our city. She is white and I am black.

Neighbor made the comment that it is a good thing that I no longer work in a hospital because it is over flowing with patients in the ER and everywhere due to COVID. Somehow we got on the subject of gun shot wounds and neighbor says she would rather go to her hospital than the county hospital where I used to work. The county hospital serves Black and Brown people primarily. My thought is this reflects thoughts of white superiority.

I said I was offended. Neighbor responded “you know what I mean.”
My response was “No, I don’t” and I walked away.

C Neighbor says she would want to go to Northwestern Hospital and not Stroger Hospital if she had a gun shot wound
T Northwestern is for whites and is better than the hospital for poor people
F resentment
A I research whether Northwestern is even a trauma center (it is), research which hospital gets more GSW (it appears that it is University of Chicago), research county hospital’s reputation for trauma center and GSW (nothing much beyond it is a trauma center that treats GSWs), ruminating, resenting neighbor
R resent neighbor

I have lived next to this neighbor for 2 or 3 years. This is not the first time she has said something that has rubbed me the wrong way. In my mind she is a “know it all” but generally a nice person. I do not wish to continue to feel this way and I have zero desire to apologize for what I said. I know this will happen again whether it is a neighbor or another non Black person where a comment will be made and I will think you made this comment based on a belief that the place or person is better because of it’s white affiliation and inferior because of it’s Black affiliation.

I would appreciate some guidance. I do not want to feel resentful. I know I can’t change my neighbor.