Neutral feelings?

Can a feeling be neutral? Like indifferent or unconcerned or disengaged?

My example is rather complicated so I won’t go into the whole background, but the intentional thoughts I come up with that I truly believe doesnt really produce a positive or negative emotion. Kind of like a shoulder shrug. Does this mean my model is wrong?

C: family will executor situation
T: I must have really done something wrong for them to not choose me as executor. (My brain does this with most things)
F: fear and humiliation
A: call another family member to commiserate; replay all past circumstances to try and see what I did wrong
R: repressed emotions and resentment

C: family will executor situation
T: people can choose whomever they want to execute their will. This doesn’t really concern me (I truly believe this)
F: ??? I feel nothing. Completely indifferent
A: nothing
R: nothing negative for me and no potential conflict with involved family members