Never saw this coming..

Hi Brooke, Thank you so much for this year..its been one of my bests so far, and I can’t wait for next year. I get it that I have received so much from SCS and its the gift that keeps on giving. I am 65; I have no biological children although I have a Daughter of Choice. I met her ten years ago, and she is now 41 years old. Her entire family no longer has contact with her since she left their religious cult, they have never seen her 11-year-old Son. She is alone in this world as a single Mom.

She has my heart, and I love her and her Son dearly and being a part of their lives has been my privilege. I come from a long line of women in my life that never embraced Motherhood and expressed it often, including myself. I know it was just a thought..felt real to me not to be a Mother. So glad I choose with an open heart to mentor, support, and love her and her amazing Son.

Although I believe her to be the most fabulous loving Mom, she has been less than kind and loving to herself. For years I have seen her anger and rage at her past physical and emotional abuse and endure the very toxic relationships with men. Several months ago she broke up with a 5-year relationship only to go back very soon due to the fear of being alone and having no one there to have her back. He is now gone, and I can almost bet the farm he is never coming back.

Of course, I talk of you to her at every opportunity and sending her your podcasts. She would call me crying and filled with drama, and I would say..”Well, that’s a can choose another,” and I could feel her eyes rolling back in her head. Finally, she gave in and started to listen to your podcasts and was blown away by your wisdom and now she gets it…Now we talk about you as though you are part of our family. It’s Brooke says this and Brooke said that. {{{{SQUEEZE and HUGS to you}}}}}

I love her calling me anytime but last week was the most fantastic call ever. She is so excited and saying “Let me run a Model by you” My heart almost exploded with happiness.. So in my most Motherly voice and in my brain I am wanting to scream with joy and do the happy dance.. calmly I say..”Okay, Babygirl let’s hear your model…”

I’m paraphrasing here:
C. New neighbors leave their Fucking trash cans out on the street right in front of my house.
T. They don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves.
F. I hate them I’m Pissed off and can’t stop thinking about it.
A. Stomp around the house plotting their murder in my head.
R. Hating those fucking people and being mad
New Model
C. Same
T. Found out they just had a new baby a couple of weeks ago and now I feel bad for getting so mad. I remember being a new parent and how hard it was.
F. I want to help them in a small way
A. Take back the trash cans and help them this way.
R. I feel happy and so much better.

What the hell just happened? She tells me all the counseling she has received in the many years; she has never helped her with her anger and rage. We now can talk about life being 50/50 ..and we talk about this being a great day even though It can feel like ASS.. And YES we can do hard things.
WOW..Thank you is too small of a word for this miracle.