New belief

Here is my current situation:
I am moving out in the city. I am living in a new city. I have resigned from my current job. I don’t know that many people in the new city.
I have 3 choices:
– Work on my business only
– Work on my business and full time job
– Full time job only
I don’t want to get a FT job only, because I do want to create my own business.
I decided to believe and make the decision to work on my business and get a full time job.

So here are my thoughts:
– Having a FT job will allow me to not be by myself the whole day, meet people, find a boyfriend, connect
– Work serenely on my business which is mainly online and on week-ends
– No money issue and no tapping into my savings until I get money from my clients
– I have enough vacation to take days off, if needed
– I can hire people who will help me out on my business when it grows and keep my job in the meantime.

I can choose to believe this and succeed on my business and my job. Right?
I can also choose to think that I will make money with my business and makes friends in the meantime and not tap into my savings.

If I choose the 1st scenario, I just need to work on my believe and commit.

Thank you for your help.