A new compelling reason

I started this weight loss journey in March as a podcast listener. I did not join SCS until June. I developed my compelling reason by doing the 25, 15, 10, 5, 1 year goals and the 5 most important things for me to do/accomplish/have before I die. That reason has fueled me well until mid September. I’ve been stuck at the same weight since that time. I’ve been eating off protocol, giving in to urges, and wanting to eat more than to continue losing since that time.
I’ve lost 60lbs and am no longer obese. All of my clothes are new and are size 12/14. I get complements all the time. I feel soooo skinny now, even though I know that I am still overweight. It’s been great fun, but now I seem to have fallen into contentment with this size. I’ve realized that the compelling reason that got me here is not going to get me to a size 8/10. I am not motivated to stop snacking off protocol much less get more precise to get the scales moving down again. Yet of course, I want to keep going to reach my goal. So I’ve been trying to find a new compelling reason, but so far have been unable to find one that is good enough to overcome this contentment that I’ve settled into. I had a million reasons when I was obese. Now, they all pale in the face of doubling down to get the last 25 lbs off.
Part of me thinks the answer is just to stay where I am and be happy. The other part of me cannot be happy with “good enough”. It feels like failure. How can I get to a more compelling reason at this stage when all of the ones I’ve tried are not enough?