New Job and Controlling my Thoughts

I started a new job after leaving a job I was in for 12 years. What’s crazy is that I networked with so many people in IT, Finance and other departments and everyone knew me and because I had developed such a great working relationship with all of these people over 12 years, I had a great reputation for getting things done and the people I worked with were on the cutting edge of technology. Now in my new job, I was hired to come in and bring the current organization up to speed with technology except here in this new job, I know NO ONE and have NO connections or clout. I’m basically starting off with a clean slate which scares the crap out of me. AND this group of people does not like technology so they are like 20 years behind the curve ball still doing things on paper that should be done using computers and IPads. The shock of this new job has me questioning my current abilities and my thoughts are becoming dark because I feel like my hands are tied behind my back with severe limitations looming over me constantly I have become super ill and needed anti-biotics due to being severely sick. I think it’s stress but what I need is to try and change my thoughts to be more positive but it’s so hard because I keep comparing how the modern world is so far ahead and this job is so far behind. I know we can get there one step at a time – if only I could just control my thoughts.
Please help me realize that what I am feeling is normal and everything will be ok as time goes on.