New Mortgage

We’ve put in an offer on a new house in our dream neighborhood and now I’m having doubts about being able to pay the mortgage we’ve been approved for. I’m looking for a new thought that creates the feeling of abundance.

Unintentional Model
C: payment is 1585 per month
T: We’re going to have to tighten up
F: closed
A: count every penny OR don’t look at bank account at all, monitor spending at micro level or ignore it completely, get graspy and needy, get upset if money isn’t spent “correctly”, shut down anything extra, worry about $, no vacations, no going out to eat.
R: I’ve tightened up

Intentional Model
C: same
T: ?
F: Abundant
A: make new connections and new friends in the neighborhood, tell them what I do, feel the expansiveness of the new home, create more $, more value to cover the change in our house payment
R: ?

I still feel a hint of resistance in the action line like I still need to hustle to “Create abundance” and I think that’s what’s blocking me from the feeling of abundance.

Would love your input!