New Place, Creating Isolation, Nothing Feels Good

I moved to a new place and I’m creating isolation. I’m having a hard time identifying what I want and how I want to feel and therefore having a hard time finding a new thought that would make me feel better.

My unintentional model is:
C: Living in a new city and new living situation
T: I miss home and my people
F: Sad
A: Mope around, wallow in self pity, inaction
R: No results, no content made for business, arguments with Bf, no friends

When I try to make my intentional model I’m having a hard time. I started from my R line but then end up thinking I need a feeling of “determined” or “productive” to get the R but all I want to feel right now is loved, cared for, stable. So I think I’m mixing models.

C: Living in a new city and new living situation
A: search, attend events, get home situated, build a business, hang up decorations, purchase anything that’s needed for the new home
R: New friends and network, thriving business, apartment that feels like home, togetherness

I feel so terrible, I’m floundering so much which isn’t normally me and we are doing relationship work all this month and I feel like I’m drowning in the disappointment of myself for not doing well.

Please help! Thank you so much for your time!