New thought overload!

I notice evidence every day that my thoughts are changing. I’m even keeping a list of the evidence I see. It’s amazing!

Tonight I feel exhausted. There were several situations today where I deliberately noticed an old thought and desire to react in ways I used to, but used that as a trigger to practice the new thought. It worked all day, but this evening I’m mentally exhausted, and I eventually did react to a situation.

I have a manual about how much personal financial information should be shared with extended family members. My husband has no filter and overshares details that aren’t even necessary for anyone to know.

I obviously have some thought work to do there.

We’ve talked about it many times and my husband says I’m trying to change who he is. My thought is if he loves me and knows it bothers me, and I ask him to please not do it, shouldn’t he make an effort.

As I wrote that I can see where my thoughts need to change. But isn’t there ever a place for communication and asking for what we need?

He doesn’t want to change who he is, but wants me to change and not be bothered by it.