New thoughts about my house?

I am catching myself thinking unhelpful thoughts about my house lately.

C I have a house.
T This place needs so much work.
F discouraged
A fantasize about new house, look for more and more work that needs done
R I create so much work to do to this house

C I have a house
T the property taxes are so high on this house
F indignant
A look for evidence that my city sucks and wastes money, complain, feel like I don’t have enough money
R I make it feel like I don’t have enough money

C I have a house
T we are so lucky to have this great house in this great neighborhood
F grateful
A I care for my house with reverence, I look for evidence that I live in a good neighborhood in a beautiful historic home with nice neighbors, I spend happily on my home knowing we will be more comfortable here and enjoy it more when it is fixed/up to date
R I keep our house great and participate in making the neighborhood great