My next level commitment to CTFAR and Abraham

I am excited. I am committing to developing a completely elevated relationship to my thinking. This next level of commitment is inspired by the combination of Abraham and CTFAR.

I am able to be here because of the earlier CTFAR thoughts I used

T-I am committed to optimistic thinking, day by day, moment by moment.
T- I am committed to accepting that my emotions are the indicator of whether I am moving away from the results I want or towards the results I want.
T-I am committed to moment by moment choosing my emotions and choosing my thoughts in order to create the results I want
T- I line up easily with who I am and what I want.
T-I am committed to allowing the fulfillment of my desires.
T-I am willing to believe that source loves me and that everything is always working out for me
T-I am willing to believe that as I move through life with ease and trust, I have access to intelligence that permits me to be flexible and moment by moment make good decisions with ease
T-I make good things happen no matter what, who, where, when
T- Love always finds a way
T-I love and I am loved
T- I am creating a life of great contribution
T-I am living a life of abundance and love in every way
T-Life is beautiful

I love this program, it always brings me back to the tools that work.