Hi Brooke

I’m starting a new business and it’s a huge leap in to the discomfort zone for me (I have always worked in IT and now I’m starting a natural therapies business which involves a fair bit of counselling). My first promo week of events went well last week but did not yield immediate clients. I think the 5 epic fails is so important for me here and also sticking to the idea that I WILL succeed rather than sticking to the HOW to do it.

In casting about for a niche, my instinct is to target men 40-65, but I’m not sure how to narrow it down. I can work with people on Skype/Zoom so they don’t have to be local. But I’m thinking I could tighten down to alcoholics or gay men – Successful, working, probably trauma survivors.

I have focussed on the main Scholars program and have not made space yet for Entrepreneurs or Frank Kern.

I can see that progress will be organic and I can expect a slow build. But observations on niche would be welcome.