Niche and Brain Freaking Out

My brain is freaking out when it comes to picking a niche. I have decided that there are so many ways I can help people but it would look like verbal diarrhea if I don’t get specific. My FB like page is all over the place because I had been tied to weight loss for many years but have had so much healing in my life and share all about it. I noticed that I get more interaction when it comes to my relationship with my husband. I feel like I am still marketing to the same woman but reaching her through marriage rather than weight loss.

So…I decided to gear towards the area of marriage.

Please let me know how I can get more specific, if I need to.

Helping women in their 30’s and early 40’s, that are wives and moms living in the Midwest, to overcome the disappointment they are experiencing in marriage. Their family household income is about 75K to 100K and she is either a bored stay at home mom or stay at home mom and entrepreneur that dabbles. She has been married for at least 2 years. She uses humor to get through life and is open to self-development if not already doing it. She loves God and feels like life should be so much better. She is in a funk in her life and believes it is because of her marriage. She feels defeated and frumpy and just wants that vibrant person to come back to life.

Problems they have- husband doesn’t help around house or with kids, husband drinks too much, husband doesn’t communicate, husband doesn’t pay attention to me, husband and I are not on the same page with money, we cannot make a decision together and argue about being indecisive, we are so much more productive when we are not with each other, we don’t have anything in common any more, he annoys me…

Solution is to help them with the expectations they have put on their partner and taking responsibility for their own feelings, setting intentional thoughts and feeling…etc.