While I still have many kids st home and don’t want to commit to an intense first year of business building, I want to work on blogs and content creation. I have a fitness degree and am LCS certified and MB certified. I was thinking that helping women 30-50 develop s regular exercise program would be s good fit, I’m hearing you don’t even recommend exercise until weight has been lost. I’m not sure this is compelling enough anymore! One of your coaches thought working with moms with 3 or more kids to help them avoid overwhelm and have healthy relationships with spouse and kids would be a good fit. Does it make sense to weave in exercise or weight loss as a mini course to this group?

I have also thought about developing a program to market to schools about how to feel better using the model. I’d love to teach at s university but would need a masters in order to teach there.

I’m all over the map on ideas, any advice greatly appreciated!!