The nightshifter who has difficulty sticking to protocol on her week off of work

My problem with drinking arises when I’m out drinking socially. I have absolutely no problem following my drink plan when I am not in a social situations. However I feel as though I completely “checkout” and say “F” it at social gatherings. I am a pretty social person who enjoys going out with friends for a drink or 2, however I am finding that I do not stop until I have had too many. I am also finding it’s difficult to increase the number of allowed urges that I encounter because I work the night shift- 7 on 7 off. During my 7 nights of work drinking is nonexistent, however during my week off of work I seem to be playing “catch up” to meet up with friends for a drink. This is not good for my “allowed urges”!!!! I always want to meet up for a Happy Hour somewhere!

Often times in social gatherings I “believe” I can have “just 1 more” which leads to me not following my drink plan and consuming too much. I really want to be able to follow my plan and am wondering if you have any suggestions for a person like myself who is having a difficult time gathering “allowed urges”. I have done some thought work as to why this occurs and I do believe it could be due to increased anxiety in social settings.

Any ideas of how to stop when my drinking plan says stop and increase my urges while maintaining a social life on my week off a work would be greatly appreciated.