No more emotional childhooding over here


Done and DONE with staying in victim mode. I have watched my brain spiral in all sorts of places regarding my business.

I asked one too many questions in here when the answers have been in me all along.

I’m the one with the business confusion and scarcity brain.

I’m pretending I don’t know so I don’t have to grow.

I blame myself and others for not having a clear vision.

But it’s so simple (not easy haha)

I need to:

– Know who my people are
(My ideal/dream client)

– Go Get my people
(Go in social media, fb ads, get them in my list)

– Give to my people ( a ton of value through relatable content )

– Work with my people (offer my services)

It’s just 4 things to focus on 😀 ( lots of things in between of course but this makes it clear)

Thoughts I need to train myself to believe

– I’m unstoppable
– Everything is figureoutable
– I will do things completely wrong and THATS OKAY
– This is the journey I’m choosing to venture on and I get to choose to make it an empowering daring, courageous and wildly exciting adventure.
– I am a warrior and warriors always keep fighting
– I am deserving
– I get to choose every single day, that is my super power in this heroic story.
– I’m doing this because I love myself enough to allow myself to grow into all I know I am capable of.

Any I should add? 🙂

I realized today that I have no idea what to start talking about on blog posts and social media because I haven’t fully understood my ideal client.

That’s my first task.

The whole game plan of what I will be doing and what I will accomplish will be finished by Monday morning!!

By the time we get on that entrepreneur call 🙂 I’m holding myself accountable to make sure I share that with you by then.