No-sugar & no-flour protocol = keto diet?

I joined SCS on Saturday. I started the “stop overeating workshop”. In the process, I’m at the “protocol” step. It says no sugar and no flour.

Is the no-flour/ no-sugar protocol in the “stop-overeating worskop”/ “Why can’t I lose weight” book the equivalent of keto?

Do we eliminate any source of flour to turn to a gluten-free protocol? Obviously, no cakes, no tarts/ quiches. But also no pasta or any food made with wheat (or any other seed)?

No transformed/ refined sugar. But does it mean no source of “hidden” sugar (like in lactose, for instance)?

And do we track carbohydrates in general (in fruits, vegetables)?

I am sorry if this question is already answered somewhere (probably in in the rest of the extensive material of weight loss). But I want to make sure I do it right from the beginning and as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for your time and all you do in Scholars!