non-niche business card

Hi Brooke,

I am beginning to coach within my niche, doing good- I work with speech language pathologists and burnout.

I have a therapist in town who wants to refer peeps to me. I just want to coach my face off at this point and I’m willing to take clients that aren’t in my niche. He asked me for business cards…uhm. All of my marketing material is about SLP’s

I can easily make up some “general cards” but I’ve been so niche-focused. I’m stumped to come up with something general that doesn’t sound ridiculous

-build self confidence
-manage your time
-live on purpose
-deal with change

Or something like… “we know what we need to do, Why can’t we do it?”

If you have other ideas and feedback- I’d love to hear. I’d like handful local clients for more practice- it’d be worth it.