Not changing action KL

Sometimes there is an action that I know I’ll take no matter what, so when I am looking at the model I’m not actually trying to change my action; rather, i am trying to change my thoughts and feelings so my result so that I am getting the same result as in the current model except that I feel better about said result.

Here is an example:

Current thinking model:
C- student loan payment is $2000 a month
T- I wish I could spend this money on something else
F- annoyed, delayed on other things I want that cost money, behind other people in things such as owning home
A- pay loan each month
R – pay loan each month and feel annoyed and behind

Model that could work better for me:
C – same as above
T – I am grateful for the opportunity to have funds available to go to a school that now allows me to make a lot of money. And I have a very low interest rate, will pay this off eventually
F- confident that I’m on track towards my goals and satisfied with my choices
A – pay loan each month
R- pay loan each month and feel confident that I’m on track and making choices that are good for my future.

So, the C and A are the same in both instances. I’m getting the same result but with better feeling around it. Is this the right way to approach this? Thanks!!