Not In The Mood

My bf and I have been dating for a little over a year now, we work together 17+ hour days, live together, sleep & wake up together. In most ways this is a blessing as I would rather have him with me than without! But in others, I have found it difficult to give him or myself the space we both need as we live in tight quarters on a boat. Sometimes I take things personally or feel rejected if he zones out when I am trying to give him attention or sometimes even if I’m in the mood for sex & he’s not. So trying to get a handle on the model I could use for this. Right now it’s: C: partner isn’t in the mood T: he is bored or annoyed of me F: frustration, hurt, rejected, heat & anxiety/fear in my body A: try to talk about it with him- nag, or try to ignore & end up not sleeping R: he’s more annoyed, we end up fighting.