Not working my hours

I would like help on this model:

C: My day job pays me to work 35 h / week (I am not sure that it is a fact since my boss says he only cares about the results and not the hours, yet I have to fill a spreadsheet with the time worked)
T: I feel guilty that I often don’t work those 35 hours and have to lie about it. I do the minimum that is required of me, then work on personal projects that I enjoy.
F: Guilt that I don’t work, satisfaction that I am working on my own things.
A: Even if I feel guilty, I can’t get myself to work. I don’t want to lose my job, but I don’t seem to have a strong enough compelling reason to put in more time just to give time. I don’t get creative to find more ways to increase my results.

Should I make 2 models out of this? My intention is to keep my job and I must therefore comply with the 35 h right? Or it’s just a thought and not a fact?