"Now I can relax"

C Scale said 1X5.8
T Oh good, since this is working I can relax a bit now
F Whatever the opposite of committed is, “laissez faire?”
A I don’t plan protocol diligently, I get sloppy with grab ass, I eat outside my fasting window, just a little here and little there, I don’t prioritize my thought-work
R I relax with my protocol and sabotage my results

I can see that the feeling of laissez faire or just ‘meh whatever, it’s fine’ does not get me the results I want. I’m down 8 pounds and I didn’t get there by thinking “no big deal, let’s be relaxed about this”. I did it by having a precise protocol.

I have some variances in my schedule this week that make it hard to eat at home, so I want to have some grace with myself for that. But I don’t want this to be an excuse.

I know that everybody who has ever achieved something big has had the thought “I can relax now because this is working”, and they have felt that resistance and carried forward anyway. This thought is not a problem.

C Scale says 1X5.8lbs
T Sticking to protocol when you know it’s working is where the real growth happens.
F Kind of resistance, actually, it makes me feel like I have to use my willpower
A Dig in heels and use willpower
R I try to use willpower to stick to protocol (there’s something about the words “stick to protocol” gets diet mentality in my brain


C Scale says 1X5.8lbs
T I can have the desire to relax AND I can be 100% committed to my protocol anyway
F Committed
A I diligently stick to protocol
R I allow the desire to relax AND stick to protocol AND get the results I desire.