October homework

Hi Brooke,

I am loving organising this month. Even though I am finding it challenging to fit everything in. With regards to the homework, for example todays sheet gets us to do a thought download, then the next question asks us about actions, reactions, and inactions based on the thoughts in the download. My thought download consisted of thoughts such as, There is always too much to do, i can’t get a grip on life, it’s exhausing, i’m not good enough, i can’t switch off, there is never anytime to rest/have fun, life is too busy, there is not enough time.

I don’t really know what to write for the Actions, are you just highlighting here that with thoughts like these i am not going to get anything done? What would be my reactions? Feeling sad/helpless/ annoyed etc? And inactions?

Also the work sheets don’t seem to include questions about what are the facts, are these thoughts serving me etc? Am i right to be doing this on top of the workbook?

Thanks xxx