October Training- Am I ready?

I’ve been a consumer of knowledge my whole life (so far). I love the idea of being a life coach and would want to make at least $200k per year after 2 years (if not sooner) BUT my track record of taking massive action is not strong. I lost my job 3 months ago. I worked in corporate HR and the part I enjoyed the most was coaching people. One-on-one I feel comfortable but I don’t see myself doing podcasts or writing blogs. I currently have no desire to work in corporate again. My questions are – How can I know that this time will be different? It is a large investment since I’m not working and if I’m understanding the timing correctly I would be certified in March and complete the entire program by October 2019. What should I do in the meantime? Being realistic, I’m not sure how many life coaches make over $100k and if I could be one of them. Thanks