Oh I CAN change how I look at my circumstances today- figuring it out while writing Ask Brook

First, I wrote
” I find myself still evaluating myself by the current results in my life- by my current circumstances.”
“Thoughts that don’t serve me, like- it is my fault, i could have done better, i am deeply flawed…”

Then, I realized
“Oh- I have been evaluating myself negatively by looking at my circumstances as negative.”
!!! I am getting it!!!
So I hear you say “Stop It”
and “rewrite your story so you are the Hero”

Bridge thoughts:

“It is Not my fault
I actually did Very well
I am Not deeply flawed”

And then I realized:
“Oh I can actually look at my current circumstances as GREAT”
“Come up with reasons why my life is great right now”

Such as
“I did an excellent job completing the previous phases in my life
My next phase of life is going to be awesome
Great things are ahead of me
I am so lucky and blessed ”

and I can choose to support myself and love my life no matter what
Phew I am getting there

OK I need to write these thoughts all over everywhere until they are my go to thoughts