OMG! April is awesome


This is the month I have been waiting for – I just didn’t know it. I spend so much time worrying, being anxious, thinking I can’t do things and PROCRASTINATING. I just wasn’t thinking about any of it as a time problem. I thought it more of “there is something wrong with me” or “I need to fix my thoughts!”. I created a master procrastination list and thought about what and why I procrastinate last night. It isn’t all one thing. Sometimes it is because what I need to do is scary or might be scary but sometimes it is because I feel uncomfortable thinking of myself as someone who gets things done now. I am a life long procrastinator. I have two masters degrees so I can get things done but I don’t create or honor structure in my own life as well as I follow the structure laid out for me by other plans (school or work). I’m so glad you put this together!

Specifically – I want to get to the point where I am good at getting things done and then feeling good about having time for fun. I want more time to run, bike, travel, hike and enjoy the outdoors. I want to move to Colorado and get a new job there so I have a lot of focus on that right now. I will have more specifics later but wanted you to know how great this month looks!