On to my brain?

I think sometimes when it comes to my own brain the story can be so tight it is difficult to unravel but when looking at it in someone else’s life/model it allows me to see it more objectively.

A friend recently posted “I love the life you’ve created” in regards to one of her children and it really made me think about my own thoughts about my children.

Over the years she has been quite verbal about her pride for her one child and the life she created (big home, successful husband, children etc) versus her other child whom has chosen a very different path and she rarely offers any praise (at least outwardly) to the life she’s created. I found it fascinating that I could witness this bias in someone else but have difficulty managing my own brain around this very issue. In regards to my eldest child, when thinking the thought “I love the life you’ve created,” my brain offers up all kinds of chatter like “no you don’t, how could you love that, that’s disingenuous to say that, what exactly is there to love.” My brain is doing the exact thing that I observed in my friend and I am trying to be on to my brain. It’s like my brain thinks “stuff” is a reason to feel pride versus “less stuff” reason to feel less pride. Of course this is not at all how I want to show up. Ideally I’d like to have the thought “I love the life you’ve created” and mean it for all the right reasons if that makes sense. As always thank you for the help!