One last date of the day – need your help!

I recently found out that two acquaintances of mine are in a book club. I’ve kind of wanted to be in a book club so I thought asking to be in theirs would be a good dare (I don’t typically invite myself). I can see that my unintentional model is causing me to reject myself before they can. I’m working on the intentional model and need help. In the “t” line I’ve played with “they would love to have me”. I don’t know if that feels true – maybe they don’t. Maybe they have enough people or it’s a close group that already has a rythmn.

I want to feel self-confident and know that whatever response I get I don’t make it mean I’m not good enough, worthy, etc. I’m also confused on what I can put for the result. I don’t think it can be that I join the book club because that isn’t up to me.