One Year Anniversary

One year ago today I joined Scholars and in that time I have completely blown my mind and transformed my life:

I am no longer a victim in my marriage (life-changing!!!) and we have a better marriage than ever. (*This is why I first joined scholars!) I am being the wife and mother that I want to be.
I am at the top of my class in one of the top three Masters programs in the world for my field – and the best-known professor in my field is my supervisor, even though he normally doesn’t supervise Masters students!
I know exactly what my purpose is – to live a life of resonance – and what work I want to put out into the world – telling stories of motherhood and femininity.
I have two new, dear, wonderful best friends I hadn’t even met yet six months ago.
I have legally changed my middle name to a significant family name – something I had talked about doing for three years!
I have published a portfolio of my photography work – something I had talked about for much longer than that! And I am sharing more and more of my photography work every week on social media.
I am five times more productive with my time than I’ve ever been before.
I have a million good ideas for my work and for my life. I have a plan for how to bring them to life!
I bought a bicycle and ride it everywhere in London.
My confidence is incredible (this weekend I posted a video of my singing on social media, something I’d never have done before!)
I have an awareness, a lightness, about me that is seeing me through anything that life could present me with (even a global pandemic).
This is the best I have EVER felt and I’m brimming with anticipation of all there is still to come.
I’m just getting started!

I don’t have a question, I just want to celebrate my year of success! Here’s to becoming a Diamond!