Operating system is resignation, Positivity is the model on top

Hello amazing people,
I had a great coaching session today (with Marlene), to do with my Q2 Impossible Goal.
My epic failures are starting to appear. (And there was me thinking I wouldn’t have any….)
When I did a thought download on how I was feeling, I feel pretty good. I know to expect epic fails, I know to keep going, I know to find something else to do to push towards my goal.
But… there is a little thought in me that is saying, “Well, that’s it then, you’ve blown your goal” [metaphorical throwing up of hands in the air].
I was really proud of the positivity but the coaching session helped me see that what I need to pay attention to is not my positivity, but the feeling of resignation.
How do I move on with that now to get a better look at it?
A thought download and then put it into a model?
Can you give me a bit more direction? I found the coaching session very useful and would like to further my thinking on this.
Thanks so much!