Organizing my grandfather’s home

Hi Brooke,

I am very clear on the organizing steps. However, I live in my 97 yr old grandfather’s home with my partner. He was living there with us until about 6 months ago when he transitioned into a nursing facility. We expected him to come home but he decided he wanted to move to assisted living and did not want to die at home (we have continued to tell him he is always welcome back but he doesn’t want to burden us). So we have slowly started to clean out his closet and transition our stuff into it. But there are many areas (garage, extra bedroom, his den area) where he has items that are worth a lot of money and we would either like to sell them or hold onto them as their value increases. We also have a lot of items that we wouldn’t think twice about donating but when we google their worth on ebay or other antique sites, they are worth keeping to sell. There are other things from his military service in the 40’s that we may donate to military museums or keep in the family. The process of going through these items can cause overwhelm but I also enjoy doing it so I don’t just want to hand it over to someone to handle (i.e. consignment or estate sale). Do you have any suggestions for how to handle this? I am willing to have this take a while and really focus on our stuff (there’s plenty of that!) especially because he is still alive and it’s technically not mine yet. I say this because he has reviewed the family trust with us so we know what our inheritance will be (i.e., I will be getting the house and everything in it). I want to respect his things while also being practical and avoiding this being a 10 yr process.

Thanks Brooke!