Other people’s thoughts

My thoughts always involve other people’s thoughts. I find myself talking to myself trying to come up with ways to affect other people’s perception of me. When somebody reacts to something or makes a comment about anything, my response usually is about what they think of me. Obviously not what they think of me but what I think of them thinking of mem which is almost always not accurate. I am also very critical of myself, so I put words in other people’s simulations in my mind that are critical of me. I intellectually understand that none of this is useful, and I do models that easily convince me intellectually that all of this is due to unintentional thoughts about survival, being accepted in the pack, being respected, etc. I know that I cannot change other people’s mind and I know intellectually that it doesn’t matter at all. I also understand that most of this is about self love, and I need to love and accept myself unconditionally. BUT..

What exercises would you specifically suggest for working on this part of my brain? Thank you.