Our actions affecting others

I am wondering about when it is needful to apologize if our actions may have affected others in a way that causes pain to them.

I recently stopped taking music lessons from someone I had been in a friendly relationship with for about 4 years, a fun connection that developed over the course of taking lessons from her. Our connection was always around music, performing together, working through musical pieces together and sharing a mutual music connection. When I decided to stop the lessons, I also let her know that I appreciated her greatly and that I hoped our we would cross paths again soon. This was all in an email format. I did not hear from her at all but concluded that she simply did not need clarification from me about my decision. Yesterday I learned from a mutual music friend that indeed she viewed my cancellation as a major upset and does not wish to associate with me in performances that we might normally share together or with others.

My thought is one of curiosity and compassion for her and I’m wondering if I need to apologize for the manner in which I departed from my lessons with her. Even though I felt I made a professional departure from my lessons with her, I am wondering if offering an olive branch would be of help. I think I need to clarify how my actions affected her.