Our brains are interesting creatures

Hi Brooke,
This is my 2nd month in Scholars. Ever since I discovered your teachings back in May of this year I have slowly been becoming more aware of myself, but definitely more now that I’ve joined SCS. I just wanted to share my experience about something I just discovered to other day.
I discovered that even though I have developed more personal growth in the last year than I ever have, my brain is still in the mindset of “that’s not really you.” For instance, a year ago me and my husband took advantage of a great opportunity of buying a business. We took that risk and it proved to do well for us. We hired 6 employees and ran with it.
I have also been saying yes to more invitations to do things and spending more time with family and friends. And I took up a new awesome hobby that I never would have considered and even took classes for it. And last but not least, I joined Scholars.
The point is, my realization the other day was that I have not been giving myself credit for doing all these things. After doing day 1 homework yesterday, my thought download lead to the unintentional model: C: Living life T: I’m a phony F: Unmotivated A: Inaction R: Resistance to growing even more. Intentional model: C: Living life T: I have all the potential to keep growing and doing whatever it is I want to do F: Desire A: Continue SCS and saying yes to things that serve me R: Continue growing exponentially