Over Drinking – Extra Support

Hi Brooke. When you were working on over drinking…did your husband try and help you? Like did he ever say anything to you, give you a look to help remind you or anything? My husband is trying to be very supportive of my stop over drinking focus and has a look now that makes me cry, because I have given the look the thought if I drink this even if I planned it, it means I am failing. This is a terrible thought for me because I feel helpless.
I am working on the T isn’t it great that I have amazing support to stop over drinking and trying to figure out model on it. But I am worried that I am doing this more for him and not for me and I know that is not sustainable and I have to fight resentment with this. I also am working with one of your coaches on the thought maybe I don’t want to quit drinking…even though I am so sick of it consuming so much of my life…or is this just an ugh fit?
Thanks so much!! Ang