Overeating/front loading

Hi Brooke. I’m listening to your overeating videos and I’m totally feeling what you are putting down. Taking away the food desire has totally worked for me. I haven’t gotten to the specifics of your program but the only thing that concerns me is that I have been trained to overeat veggies and protein to avoid hunger and making unhealthy choices. I’m basically afraid of hunger.

I have been very successful losing weight on Overeaters Anonymous and medically supervised meal replacement liquid diets Transform Institute. My highest was 225 and my lowest was 139 for a hot minute. I have been overweight my whole life until my 30s. Now I am 175 w probably no flour and sugar 60 percent of the time. I’d like to be 20 pounds lighter but I have a feeling you’d want me to hang out in the 130s. Def occasional binges. I do love the feeling these programs provide where sexy food is out of the equation and my mind is clear. It is pretty much hell up and down clean eating. So basically my question is do I have to limit veggies and protein since I overeat these as well?