Overwhelmed and need some advice

Hi Brook. I’ve been following you for the last year and am in love with all of your work. I have been in SCS since the beginning and this is the first time I am writing. I am not shy I just have too many questions and trying to decide where to start. Just a quick description of life in a nutshell….I’m 45, married for 22. I was a stay at home mom for most of my adult life. Three years ago I did yoga teacher training. Last year I became a life coach. I recently realized that I dread doing both of those. I think I pursued each because I needed to experience them for myself. I have a tendency to think that if I need something I should supply it to others, instead of just receiving I want to give. I also lead women’s ministry at my church and feel the same way about it. I struggle with the thought that I am selfish for not wanting to do these things. I have a personality type that people are drawn to and have lots of people asking for my time. I know that sounds a little arrogant and I do not mean for it to, yet find myself drained when I am with others too much. I am recognizing that although I have functioned as an extrovert I am really not. I crave alone time and am fine with spending my time with my family and an occasional coffee date with a friend. 3 months ago I started selling insurance for a company that sells burial policies. I sell to mostly people that live with very little and have very different life experience than I do. I like it. Much of my time is spent driving. I’m totally out of my comfort zone. I have to hustle hard. When I make a sale the money is really good. I have decided this is the path I want to take to gain financial freedom. I want to be a top seller in my company. However, I often find myself wanting to escape back to when life was easy. When I woke up and spent the morning taking yoga class at 9:00 and then just doing whatever comes up. Now I have to practice yoga at 5:00 a.m. if it’s going to happen. I married an older man that has been amazing and taken very good care of me. I truly adore him and am so thankful for the life I have had. Yet I have always felt like all of our money is really his. I want to create my own financial success in something he is completely uninvolved in. I want to feel proud of myself for being able to excel in a mostly male company. I want to show myself that I can do this. But somedays I just want a nap.

With all of that said….. we just moved into a new house that we contracted ourselves so my “free” time over the last 4 months has been poured into this house. I am VERY behind on the self coaching work. I know it is what I need right now but struggle when you say to just start where you are. Do you think I can just pick up where you are now? Do I need to hire an additional coach to catch me up? Are there certain things I should go back to? I’m feeling overwhelmed.
Thanks so much for all that you do!
Nicole Green