Owning IT today!

I just want to say a huge Thank You! I’ve been in scholars since May. I didn’t do any homework for the first 3 months. However, in August, I decided I was going to show up for myself. I have missed a few days, but I’m so proud for showing up. This work has helped me so much. For example, I emailed my therapist saying I needed to postpone our sessions until at least October due to me going into coach training and other expenses I had for August. In her response, she mentioned something like my weight being caused by several issues. As soon as I read what she wrote, I said out loud “I don’t believe that,” and it’s true. My weight is not tied to multiple things. The reason why I’m overweight is because I’ve been using food for emotional reasons whether that be to escape, increase/decrease, control Etc. This work has taught me that I don’t have to buy into the drama of a so-called multiple issue deal. Thank you for helping me simplify these things. I realize now that I don’t have 50 issues to work through or untangle. I just need to work on my thoughts. That’s it.:)