Page 6 Nov Workbook: Win was the balance to the fight

Can you please expound the statement found on page 6 of the November workbook:
“Your mind may want to go to all the examples where fighting an injustice brought a win, but what I challenge you to see is that the win was the balance to the fight.” Not clear on the statement “the win was the balance to the fight.” How is the win the balance? Can you give an example or clarifying comment?

Also not connecting the dots on statement, “if you understand the balance of emotion, your power in the world and ability to change it increases tenfold.” Love this to be true, but not making the connection between balancing my emotions and increasing my power in the world. Can you give an example or another clarifying comment?

(Side note: Wasn’t seeing how impactful this month’s work was and having a hard time understanding it’s importance to the path. Was actually thinking of quitting Scholars. Think I was just being blocked as doing the homework has unearthed so much buried beneath the surface. It may be the most impactful work for me so far. Has renewed my commitment and belief in the work here. That is why I don’t want to miss anything!)

Thank you,
Cynthia Boesler