PANIC ANXIETY about a house purchase falling through


So I’ve been in contract to buy a vacation home since May and I LOVED the idea of getting this home. This house is just amazing and would be such a joy to acquire for my family and friends to enjoy as well. I’ve excitedly shared with many people that we are in the process of getting the home and something has just come up that may make the deal completely fall apart.

I know that these things happen but the reason for this falling apart would be my fault. I’ve been behind in managing some accounts and although the money is there, my credit is solid, I’ve never defaulted on a loan, this could be the reason we lose the house.

I have tons of ANXIETY this morning thinking about the prospect of losing the house, untelling everyone I shared the information with and telling the Sellers who have been nothing but nice that the deal won’t happen. Also, dealing with my own disappointment if I lose this because of my haphazardness. HELP!