Parents and other annoying humans!

Hi Brooke, this question is about my parents who annoy the hell out of me. This is something I want to learn to manage, therefore managing all the other things people do that are annoying (coworkers etc).

I know that I am annoy because of what I think about the circumstances and what I make them mean. My questions are:

– how do I manage things that are irritating like constant complains from them, interrupting all conversations, saying derogatory and racist comments, etc
– What about things that are facts and possibly damaging. For example my mother is so careless, the last time she visited I caught my dog almost eating one of her pills as she has no regard or care for what she drops on the floor, even though I have repeatedly asked her to. I choose to see this as something negative because I want to take care of my dogs and keep them alive.
You have mentioned how you improved the relationship with your mother by changing your thoughts about her. Can you elaborate a bit more on this. I would like to have a better experience with them (choosing to have a better experience) regardless of the circumstances.

Thank you!!!