Parent’s Visit and Striving For Authenticity

Hi Coaches!

A relationship I’ve been working on (mostly on my manuals!) is my relationship with my parents. My unintentional thoughts for months have been around how our relationship is “strained” and “inauthentic”. Other thoughts are that I can’t be myself around them and that they don’t really know me.

Understanding that these are just thoughts, the feeling I want to create is authenticity with them. I don’t know if this is a good feeling to strive for? I want to relate to them with compassion which is where I think I can create the authenticity.

Anyway, they visited yesterday (I hadn’t spoken to them on the phone or in person for over 3 months) and here is the model I have been looking at.

C- my parents visit
T- that was very awkward and tense
F- dismayed
A- seek validation from my boyfriend that he also found it extremely awkward, focus on the awkwardness by recapping events
R- I judge my relationship with my parents as awkward

C- my parents visit
T- the awkwardness = vulnerability = authenticity
F- curious
A- try to relate to them and change the awkwardness from a negative to a positive
R- I work towards the thought our relationship is authentic in its awkwardness.

Would love any feedback 🙂