Part 2 of puppy story

I just found out that the daughter asked her dad (my partner/fiance) & that he said yes, she should get a puppy, without asking me. I guess I need to either get ok with the puppy being there or not. This is the log house we bought together (50/50) and we plan on moving there full time in 6 mos or so. Seems silly that a puppy is causing me such grief, but my thoughts changed after I took her out & nothing, then when back inside she peed on my new wool rug…I know accidents are going to happen and the daughter is working with her but our thoughts @ training differ. We moved in together 2 yrs ago after being together 3.5 yrs prev. I am used to living alone and he has 3 kids (20, 23 & 25). I thought I was better at playing well with others but I don’t like not being asked @ household issues. Two of his are there temp. When I bring it up (why wasn’t I asked), he gets mad like I’m being a b about it.