Patience and Focus

Hello Brooke!
I’m a new student and I’m really excited to join your program, so I wanted to get started right away!

Something that I’ve always struggled with all my life is patience (in the sense that I want immediate results) and focus (I try to do too many things at once).

It seems like I sometimes try to run before I walk or crawl.

I think I get so eager and excited that I end up trying to do too many things at once.

Sometimes that leads to overwhelm, but I think my biggest fear is that I might be spreading myself too thin and getting mediocre results instead of focusing and yielding amazing results.

I recently launched my own blog that I would like to grow into a full-time business. I have all these amazing ideas that I’m really excited about and I’m eager to take action on, but I’m afraid that if I try to implement all of my ideas at once, that I will spread myself too thin and sabotage my own success, so sometimes I end up not taking any action.

When analyzing my own situation, my own judgment would tell me that focusing on one thing would be the most effective strategy.

However, sometimes I think that when I focus on just one thing, I’m preventing myself of advancing other potential opportunities.

Another dilemma I face is not knowing what to focus on. Everything seems so important, so I’m not sure how to pick what to focus on.

This is something that I deal with in my personal life but is now relevant more than ever to me as I try to grow my blog/business.

What advice do you have for someone like me, who wants to do so much, but still get amazing results without spreading herself thin?

Your advice is greatly appreciated!